Kalisma Corp

Fastening your world!

Kalisma Corp Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, is a young enterprise with its core competencies in the following businesses -

Alloy Steel Fasteners & components
Structural Steels
Steel making
Realty & Hospitality
Import Export

The success of any business depends on how it values its customers. We are known for the client-focussed approach we have adopted to ensure complete customer satisfaction. It is also our endeavour to serve our industry through our transparent trade practices. At Kalisma Corp, quality and excellence are not corporate slogans to garner business and profits; they are a quintessential part of our very being. Without high standards, we don't measure up to our own ideals.

Our whole-hearted commitment to serve our clients and investors is the booster fuel that propels us forward. We are driven by innovation and we live by it.

Kalisma Corp was founded on the firm base of ethics and is driven by values. Since then we have pursued an unstinted path of growth despite national and international competition. Growth with a social conscience has been our motto. Our long-term vision of building a global, multi-product, multi-brand company is now becoming a reality.



Kalisma Corp is committed to improving lives of its stakeholders by providing quality products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationship.



We will be the most admired company delivering sustainable values by:-

1) Being the supplier and partner of choice
2) Building long lasting customer relationships
3) Caring for communities
4) Improving every day
5) Ensuring growth and delivering value to stakeholders



Kalisma Corp has always been value driven. There values continue to direct the growth and business of Kalisma companies. The core Kalisma values underpinning the way we do business are:-

1) Integrity
2) Accountability
3) Coaching for execution commitment
4) Recognition through results
5) Team work
6) Customer Focus

Corporate Governance


Good governance practices stem from the culture and mindset of an organization. As stakeholders across the globe now evince keen interest in the practices and performance of companies, Corporate Governance has now taken centre stage.

At Kalisma, the primary objective is to create and adhere to a corporate culture of conscience and consciousness, transparency and openness to develop capabilities and identify opportunities that best serve the goal of value creation.