Kalisma Foundation - our mission


Kalisma Foundation, an integral part of the group is the CSR wing, with a vision to create socio-economic difference in the field of education, health, sports and arts.

Social Contribution

- Rural Development
- Health and Education for rural communities.
- Ambulance facility for emergency.
- Infrastructure development

Employees Welfare

- Health & Safety
- Supporting family
- Education for Children
- Employees Welfare fund

Green Environment - Green Company


At Kalisma, we value quality, safety, and environmental consciousness and implement them in all our projects.

"Go Green" is another mission of Kalisma. It is all about reducing the environmental impact of our own operations – at the local site level, in our offices, our warehouses and at our own production sites, and in our families. It is important that we understand the value of protecting our environment and establish environmentally friendly lifestyle practices. Let's co-create the future by making conscious choices in the present that promote health, peace, and compassion.

Going green is easier than you think. There are many ways that we can protect the environment, create sustainable practices in our everyday life and make lifestyle adjustments that we can implement to heal the earth.

Our environmental policy

- Implementation of environmental management systems ISO 14001 certification
- Restrict the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances as per (RoHS directive) 2002/95/EC
- Reducing Co2 Emission
- Recycle of waste and water
- Cut our relative energy use by 20%
- Reduce paper use by 50%, all on a per employee basis.
- Planting more trees and creating more green landscapes in our sites and community.

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